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Stand Up For Savannah Gallery
Community/Driver Forum
June 1, 2013

Over 300 Savannah port drivers showed up for the historic Stand Up For Savannah Forum on June 1st, 2013. Driver after driver repeated testimony about the financial and occupational hardships they endured because of misclassification.The drivers' stories moved elected officials and high ranking officials participating in the forum to take action.
Savannah Port Drivers Are Standing Up
May 1, 2013

Port drivers in Savannah are joining together and uniting with community allies to 'Make the Port Work for Us', Saturday, June 1, 2013. 
Port truck drivers support legislation to crack down on misclassification
Feb. 26, 2014

Georgia is faced with a serious budget crisis. The Georgia state unemployment tax fund is depleted, resulting in a debt of $1 billion owed to the Federal government for related loans. Many industries, including port trucking, construction, and food service, are illegally classifying workers that meet the Federal IRS definition of the employer-employee relationship as “independent contractors,” primarily to dodge unemployment and payroll taxes, cheating Georgia’s taxpayers and public agencies of much-needed revenue. 
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